Peau de Soie

Peau de soie is a medium weight, drape-able fabric that has a satin wave and a delustered finish. It is one of the traditional fabrics used for bridal gowns or bridesmaid dresses because of its elegant finish and ability to hang in a flattering manner. Peau de soie fabric has more body than most materials, making it the ideal choice to highlight pleats, gathering and similar details. Dimitra Designs recognizes the beauty of the traditional material and offers bridesmaid dresses in several colors in the fantastic fabric. Shop by fabric to see all of our peas de soie dresses in one location.

What is Peau de Soie Fabric?

Peau de soie fabric is a medium weight fabric that is drainable and slightly stiff. It is known for being able to maintain shape when used in pleating and similar applications. The traditional bridal material is used in wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns and more. It boasts a satin weave and a delustered finish, so it's less shimmery than traditional satin materials, but similar in the way it frames the wearer and maintains its shape.

Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Peau de soie is the ideal choice for short bridesmaid dresses because of the way it drapes flatteringly on the body and maintains a beautiful shape in the skirt. The material is available in a variety of colors and lends itself well to a variety of designs. Dimitra Designs offers short peau de soie dresses from designers like Alfred Sung and Dessy Bridesmaids. Each gown style is available in multiple colors so you can match your bridesmaid dresses to your wedding's theme.

Shop for stunning peau de soie bridesmaid dresses at Dimitra Designs and get the beautiful fabric you love in styles your bridesmaids will want to wear. Our selection of peau de soie bridesmaid dresses are classic with a modern twist, making them the ideal choice for any season. Pair your favorite bridesmaid dresses with some accessories from Dimitra Designs and order tuxes for your groomsmen for a complete one-stop shopping experience.

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