Image of wedding dress alteration in progress.


The stars are aligned, you found the perfect dress, but it needs some help to fit you like a glove. In the bridal and formal wear industry who you have customizing your dress can really make or break your upcoming event. We always suggest that you use a seamstress who has the skills to work with the beading, exquisite fabrics, delicate laces, and custom pattern making. 

Our seamstresses have been trained by the best and will surpass your expectations. Don’t take a chance on an inexperienced individual to possibly ruin your investment. 


With 30+ years of experience altering all kinds of clothing, we have seen it all. We can provide perfect alterations that suit your fabric and flatter your body. This includes: 

  • Dramatic changes to necklines 

  • Altered silhouettes 

  • Custom hemlines and sleeves 

  • Added fabrics 

  • Lengthening or hemming 

  • And more. 

We can even spot-clean your dress to ensure it both fits and looks great. 

A custom-tailored piece will hug you in ways you didn’t know clothes could. Love your clothes again. Find the perfect drape with help from our expert tailors. Arrange an alterations appointment for custom tailoring today. 


For your special wedding day, don’t rely on an off-the-rack fit. The An ill-fittting of your dress should be the last thing on your mind. You deserve a dress that fits perfectly. 

With custom wedding dress alterations, Greenville, SC brides are sure to be as stunning as they deserve to be. We can provide every service you need to create the perfect wedding gown that you deserve. 

Brides-to-be can browse by designer, or simply view our portfolio by silhouette, color, and even trend. 

Enjoy thorough body-fit alterations for your exact dimensions. Work with our expert tailors to tweak your dress just so.  

Keep in mind that we recommend you get your dress altered at least 10-weeks before the wedding, or portrait sessinon. This way you can have a second or third fitting if necessary. This is highly recommended to ensure a perfect fit. 


Brides-to-be who want something a bit more them can opt for our custom-gown service. Capture your unique and distinctive look with a custom gown and you are sure to feel like royalty on your special day. 

We provide custom gowns in South Carolina made from start to finish for a variety of special events, including: 

  • Wedding Gowns 

  • National and State Pageants 

  • Prom 

  • Vintage Events 

  • Costume Parties 

  • And more. 

From our custom beadwork to our access to exclusive fabrics, we can be your tailoring resource. You won’t find better dress alterations in Greenville, SC. 

You also don’t need to be a couture expert. That’s why we’re here. Dimitra Mandalas and her team will design your gown with you so you get exactly what you want at the end of the process. 

Bring in your inspiration or give us a hint of what you want. With even the scantest idea, we’ll craft a detailed sketch before we even begin cutting. 

For custom gowns in South Carolina, we suggest reaching out to us several months before your event. Come in and speak with a seamstress today. 


If you have a vintage piece that requires rework, bring it in. Our team of seamstresses can carefully restore it to its former glory. Enjoy your vintage gown once more with our careful and expert alteration process. 



We can also provide all of your tailoring needs for formal suiting and menswear. This includes tailoring and custom fits for: 

  • Suits 

  • Tuxedos 

  • Blazers & Sportcoats 

  • Wool and Silk Outerwear 

  • And more 

There is no higher luxury than custom-fitted suiting. Your next formal look awaits you at Dimitra Designs.