Detachable Train/ Skirt

The train is an extension of fabric on the back end of a wedding dress or formal gown. The tradition of wearing a train on a dress dates back to the Middle Ages, when the length of the train would indicate the social status of the wearer as only the wealthiest of women could afford the extra fabric. Today, the train has become more of a style indicator than a status indicator and brides often choose a detachable train or skirt so their dresses can go from traditional during the ceremony to lightweight and modern during the reception.

Traditional Style Meets Modern Brides

Detachable train or detachable skirt wedding gowns offer the ideal blend of traditional style and modern sensibilities. The dresses are designed to be worn with the train or full skirt during the ceremony, and then lightened up for the reception by removing the extra fabric. This added functionality allows brides to enjoy two looks and a lighter load during the wedding festivities. The mechanism that allows the skirt or train to attach and detach is typically hidden, so nobody knows the train or skirt is removable except for the bride.

Available in Several Silhouettes

A removable train is a dress feature, not a dress style, so it is available on a variety of silhouettes. Get the dress of your dreams without sacrificing comfort by choosing a detachable train wedding dress from Dimitra Designs. Order a flattering A-line dress with a sleeveless top and a detachable train or opt for a full ball gown with a plunging neckline and a removable train. The options are endless and removable trains are available on several looks, so your personal style is more versatile than ever.

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