More and more these days, brides are opting out of traditional white wedding gowns and edging into a wider color scheme. It's caught on so much in recent years that non-white/ivory dresses are no longer even thought of as untraditional. Blush has been the leading non-white color choice of bridal gowns the past few years, along with champagne and platinum.

Of course, we know that wedding gown styles and color fashions change rapidly, so no matter the current trend, brides should be encouraged to choose a hue that appeals to them and complements their complexion. After all, white does not enhance everyone's skin tone and can make the pale-skinned appear "washed out." This certainly won't do for wedding photographs.

Blush (pink) tones are delicate and romantic, which is a wonderful ambience for any wedding. In addition, this color is typically associated with femininity, fitting right in with a soft, sophisticated setting for your celebration.

Ways to Bring Blush To Your Wedding Celebration

When picking out a blush gown, be aware of the variations among pink hues. If your skin has warm undertones, select a yellow- or peach-based blush tone. If your complexion has a cooler tinge, go with a silver- or gray-based blush. Basically, you want to match warm with warm, and cool with cool.

Consider also that blush-toned details - such as blush-pink linings, beading and lace embellishments at the bodice or floral appliques flowing down the skirt - are other ways to add this graceful hue to your wedding dress.

Dimitra Designs - Experienced and Helpful

At Dimitra Designs, our experienced consultants will work with you to find the perfect dress and color for your special day. As you can see, you have plenty of options, with blush pink wedding dresses offered by over 25 of our renowned designers! Our consultants can also help coordinate your blush wedding dress with your bridesmaids' dresses. Neutral colors such as black, white, nude or a rich brown look lovely in combination with your blush dress. Depending on your color scheme, darker colors on your bridesmaids can help you to stand out.