Bridesmaids Dresses by Fabric

Dimitra Designs

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If you're wondering about a particular fabric used for bridesmaids' dresses, Dimitra Designs offers this easy breakdown of our designs according to the most frequently used bridesmaid dress fabrics. You will want to make sure the fabric suits the season/temperature of your wedding, and that it drapes appealingly on your bridal party.

Autumn and Winter Bridesmaid Fabrics

Duchesse Satin: This full-bodied, shiny fabric holds shape well and insulates nicely. Its draping quality is better when a lighter-weight version is used.

Mikado: A heavy, textured silk, this fabric has a slight sheet that lends structure, and it can drape well depending on the dress design. When used in combination with other lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, a beautiful contrasting texture effect can be achieved.

Dupioni Silk: This fabric is a crisp-textured form of silk that has something of an iridescent appearance, achieved by differing thread colors in the weave. Its uneven surface texture makes colors pop.

Velvet: Traditionally made of silk, velvet is a woven, tufted fabric with cut threads distributed evenly in short, dense piles, making it extremely soft and smooth to the touch.

Crepe: This medium-weight fabric is more structured than soft. It has an eggshell texture and drapes nicely in bridesmaid dresses not only for fall and winter, but for spring as well.

Sateen Twill: Similar to satin but more affordable, sateen twill has a smooth and lustrous appearance. It is made in various weights and has the advantage of being machine washable.

Tulle: Also known as netting, tulle appears all year round as a relatively stiff, see-through styling material used with other fabrics. Depending on the number of layers, it can add lovely structure to skirts.

Spring and Summer Bridesmaid Fabrics

Chiffon: Chiffon is a light, flowing fabric with a wonderfully soft feel and look. A classic fabric for bridal attire, sheer chiffon lends a girlish, carefree element to any dress.

Jersey: With its close-knit structure, lightweight jersey is stretchy and drapes wonderfully. It works well for form-fitting gowns, making them comfortable to wear.

Peau de soie: This lustrous fabric is made from silk, although the name can also refer to a delustered rayon satin. The best peau de soie dresses are beautiful and smooth on both sides. Because it is less substantial than satin, this fabric functions well for warm-weather wedding locations.

Sequin: Decorative sequins are applied to fabric, adding texture and sparkle. Sequins are associated with glamor, fun and stylishness, and they've been a bridal attire staple since they were first used for clothing in the 1930s. Sequin fabric works for any season.