Off The Shoulder Mother of the Bride Dress

Classic and classy, off-the-shoulder mother of the bride gowns are the perfect choice for any wedding. Whether your daughter is getting married in an intimate ceremony in a small church or in what will later be described as the event of the year, an off-the-shoulder dress offers the perfect amount of style and sophistication for the mother of the bride. An off-the-shoulder MOB dress can be adapted to any venue and any season, making it one of the most popular mothers dress options. Available in a variety of styles, Dimitra Designs carries off-the-shoulder looks that are perfect for any wedding or reception.

Exposed Shoulders

As the name implies, an off-the-shoulder mother of the bride dress has a wide neckline that sits just off the shoulders, exposing not only the shoulders, but the entire neck as well. Sometimes called cold shoulder dresses, these gowns typically have very closely fit bodices that extend into full-length skirts. Decidedly formal in appearance, off-the-shoulder gowns often have extensive beading, sequins, lace, and other types of embellishments. A cold shoulder mother of bride dress also creates the illusion of a smaller waistline and a classic hourglass shape, making it a favorite for both mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom.

While the classic mother of the bride off-the-shoulder dress exposes the entire neck and shoulders, there are some notable variations. Open-shoulder gowns or one-shoulder mother of the bride dresses offer more support because of a small strap that goes over the shoulders. The off-the-shoulder style can also be combined with a halter neckline for a more secure feel. A variation of the traditional off-the-shoulder dress can give you the look you love with the support you need for a night of dancing and celebration.

Formal Styles

The off-the-shoulder gown is one of the more formal styles available for the mother of the bride. The dress tends to have a very sophisticated appearance, and most off-the-shoulder dresses are heavily embellished. Dimitra Designs offers off-the-shoulder mother of the bride dresses from a variety of well-known bridal designers, including Montage, Cameron Blake, Ivonne D and more.

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