Ivory Wedding Dresses

Although white is still the most popular wedding dress color, modern brides are increasingly departing from this former tradition in favor of colors that they love and/or that better complement their skin tone. Ivory is a prime example of a trendy alternative being seen more frequently at weddings, along with other non-white hues such as blush, champagne and rose gold.

So, what's the difference between white and ivory? Actually, most people browsing dress racks can't tell an ivory bridal gown from a white one. However, ivory is a shade of white that's softer than stark white (sometimes called natural white or diamond white). This means ivory has subtle undertones of yellow, making it a warmer tone. It appears creamier and has been referred to as "eggshell."

The Ivory Advantage

One advantage of ivory is that it suits pink-toned or fair skin better than white, which sometimes washes out pale skin tones. Brides with darker or olive skin look great in crisp white, but ivory suits just about everyone and has been described as universally flattering.

The beautiful, deeper undertones of ivory shades are accentuated in silky fabrics like chiffon, satin and taffeta. When used in dress linings, ivory enhances overall appearance by making the color richer with a matching overlay, or by adding dimension when paired with a lighter overlay. Beadwork, lace and embroidery appliques in white really pop on ivory, too. For weddings with warm color schemes, an ivory wedding dress is wonderfully complementary. And by the way, if wedding photos are a concern, nearly all shades of white photograph the same.

Let Us Assist Your Wedding Dress Search

As you'll see, Dimitra Designs has literally hundreds of ivory wedding dress choices offered by over 35 premier designers. Our experienced consultants are on-hand to help you choose from among these exquisite ivory wedding gowns, as well as offer additional suggestions for your bridesmaids' dresses. Ivory affords a vast assortment of bridesmaid dress color choices, and our consultants offer knowledgeable guidance regarding the combination that will best suit your wedding setting and theme. This is your once-in-a-lifetime day - make your dreams come true in an ivory hue.