By Fit

Tuxedos are all about the fit. In fact, when you go in to rent a tuxedo, you can expect to be measured to ensure that your rental will fit you like a glove. Whether you're looking for a modern ultra slim fit, a classic regular fi tuxedo or something in the middle, you'll find the fits you want at a price you can afford at Dimitra Designs. We carry a wide selection of tuxedo styles to choose from, so you'll find the perfect tux to create your favorite looks.

Ultra Slim Fit

The ultra slim fit tuxedo has a modern edge that's perfect for younger men. Designed to sit close to the body, the tuxedo jacket and pants are tailored to show off your physique. The ultra slim fit tuxedo has narrow pant legs and a long, narrow jacket that is tapered in slightly at the waist. Ultra slim fit tuxedos come in a variety of colors, but this look works particularly well with classic black and gray.

Slim Fit

Designed to be slightly more tailored than a traditional tuxedo, the slim fit is a great choice for the modern man. Perfect for those that are on the slim side, the tuxedo tapers lightly at the waist and has a narrower cut overall. Slim fit tuxedos offer a polished, more put together look for young or slim men.

Modern Fit

Modern fit tuxedos have a fashion-forward style that's flattering on any body type. The modern tuxedo is the widest fit available and is not tapered in the jacket nor the pants. We recommend choosing a flat front or pleated option to pull off this look.

Traditional Fit

Like a modern fit, the traditional fit tuxedo is not tapered. Traditional tuxedos are available with or without tails, but the addition of the tail is perfect for a society party or for times when you want to take a trip back in time. Traditional fit tuxedos come in the traditional color of black and are the ideal choice for black tie events.

For the best selection of tuxedo rentals, visit Dimitra Designs. Shop by fit to find the perfect tux for your body type and fashion sense. Renting your tuxedo from Dimitra Designs is a great way to get the looks you love for less.