What’s Staying Hot for Winter Wedding Dresses

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jul 5th 2018

While the weather outside is frightful, the ambience inside your wedding is going to be absolutely delightful! If you’ve chosen a winter wonderland to time your wedding with then your options for dresses leave you limitless. You can match the seasons with a fur lined jacket or take to the bolder styles by choosing a sleeveless, short cut dress! Certain styles though will be keeping you warmer in the colder months, but as the bride you can always choose a temperature controlled wedding ceremony and reception to let you enjoy a light and revealing winter wedding dress. Here’s what’s going to be hottest for winter wedding dresses 2011 styles:

Full Bodied Gowns

You get more than your eyeful with the winter wedding dresses 2011 styles. It’s not just about the front look or the back, you’ll see designs are flattering from all angles for 365 degrees of ethereal hemlines and floating draped gowns. Cupcake style gowns will give a show from all around, as will a multi-layer skirt.

Embrace all the Seasons

Flowered lace, floral blossoms and vine-like beading may all seem more suited to a summer wedding, but winter wedding dresses 2011 are emphasizing all types of patterns. Look for the hottest winter wedding dresses 2011 styles to have elements of summer in big and small ways, from floral details to elaborate embellishments. These summery accessories serve to remind you that winter wedding dresses can also embrace other hot weather styles for the bolder bride.

Various Bold Winter Wedding Styles:

  • Bearing it all in strapless winter wedding dresses 2011 by ignoring the chills. Stay warm between the wedding and reception in one of two ways. Keep both ceremony and reception in the same central location – indoors. Be trendy by changing wedding dresses between, and taking the opportunity to don a big coat, then making a big new impression in a new winter wedding dress.
  • Don’t sweat it, more fabric is welcome in our full gown winter wedding dresses 2011. Choosing thicker fabrics and heavier gowns to compensate for the winter weather is not only a smart choice, but opens you up to the more extravagant fashions as well!
  • Stand out from the snow – and other brides in one of our off white winter wedding dresses. Open your scope to shades like bisque, ivory, or lavender.

Your winter wedding doesn’t have to be a frosty affair. Here at we carry the hottest winter wedding dresses 2011 for any winter wedding – traditional or indoors.