What to wear wedding dress shopping?

What to wear wedding dress shopping?

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jan 20th 2022

The big day has come! You have gathered your mom and sister, and maybe even a close friend or two, to go wedding dress shopping. You are all set with lunch reservations and your hit list of bridal shops, but you've left one detail unplanned. What do you wear wedding dress shopping? Here are some tips from the experts at Dimitra Designs.

  • Keep it simple. Remember, you're going to be getting in and out of this outfit many times to don potential gowns, so make sure you have something that's easy to get in and out of. Consider some stretchy pants and an oversized shirt or, if it's warm, simple shorts and a T-shirt. Also, leave those flashy accessories behind. Ditch the hoop earrings, bracelets and long necklaces. They'll detract from your dress and make try-ons all the more complicated.
  • Get comfortable. Make sure you are comfortable in what you're wearing, because you're going to spend some time traveling from store to store. You want to feel good and confident in what you have on. Also, be sure to put on some comfortable walking shoes that you can slip on and off easily.
  • Clean up your underwear. Your mother always told you to wear clean underwear. Now is the time to heed that advice. Make sure you have a nice, matching - and preferably simple - bra and panties set. Why? Because you're bound to need some measurements taken, and often those are done sans outer clothing. Just make sure it's something you're not embarrassed to show, and also something that's lightweight and easy to measure around. Also, keep in mind the type of dress you're wearing when you select your bra. If you have a strapless dress in mind, you might want to wear or bring a strapless bra. If you think you're going to need shapewear to look your best on your wedding day, bring or wear that as well. Finally, keep your undergarment color neutral, as you don't want blue underwear showing through that beautiful white dress.
  • Bring out the heels. You may not have the exact shoes you'll be wearing on the big day, but bring along some heels you think might be of similar height. This will help you visualize where the dress will fall. Later, you can get alterations done wearing the exact shoes you'll wear down the aisle.
  • Consider your hair. If you have long tresses, you might want to wear it up or stash a hair elastic in your purse. You may need to get your hair off the dress to see its detail. Besides, you might be wearing it up on the big day, and you'll want to visualize what that looks like.

We hope you'll enjoy wedding dress shopping. Remember to enjoy the time with friends and family, keep an open mind about the available dresses (you never know until you try, after all) and consider above all what looks and feels best on you.