What should you wear as the mother of the bride

What should you wear as the mother of the bride

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jan 20th 2022

If you're the mother of the bride for an upcoming wedding, or a bride looking for tips on what your mom should wear, Dimitra Designs has some tips and ideas for you. We've got some great mother of the bride dresses to choose from, but let's start by providing some general tips for choosing attire.

1. Complement the bride's attire, but don't make a perfect match. You're the mom, and you're an important part of this big day for your daughter (or your son, because this advice applies to mothers of the groom as well). However, the bride and groom are the main event, so you want to complement the bridal party's attire without looking like a bridesmaid or second bride. In terms of color, avoid the color the bride is wearing and choose a color that harmonizes with the bridesmaids' dresses. For example, if the dresses are blue, you might choose a silver color. If they're pink, perhaps a gold or brown hue is in order.

2. Match the style and season. Think about the time of year and venue, just as the bride does. A casual beach event's attire might be a strapless sundress while a church wedding will demand more formal attire. Remember, too, that you can use accessories to make a dress appropriate for two settings. For example, you might have a strapless dress that's appropriate for the reception and wear a jacket or shawl for the church ceremony.

3. Take cues from the bride. You want to choose a dress that suits your personality, but also take into consideration the bride's desires about your attire. She may take a hands-off approach, but she may also have some ideas about color and style. There are so many dresses to choose from, so it's possible to find a dress that both you and she are happy with.

4. Time it right. You probably won't want to start shopping for your mother of the bride dress until after the bride has chosen her attire and the bridesmaids' attire. However, you do want to allow at least two or three months in case you need alterations or special orders. It's customary for the mother of the bride to choose her dress first and then communicate her choice to the mother of the groom, who can then shop for her dress.

5. Coordinate with the mother of the groom. If there's a mother of the groom in the picture, or another mother figure on the groom's side, consult the bride for advice on whether the dresses should coordinate in color. Remember, it's possible to coordinate with the wedding party without matching. For example, if the bridesmaids are in burgundy and the mother of the bride chooses a pale pink dress, the mother of the groom may go with a shade of tan or brown, or even something in a gold hue. There are many possibilities.

Dimitra Designs offers a variety of mothers' dresses, and we're sure to have one that suits your style. Choose from sleek jumpsuits, understated minimalist dresses, figure-flattering dresses, off-the-shoulder options and dresses with sleeves.