4 Tips to Make Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress Easier

4 Tips to Make Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress Easier

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jan 12th 2024

Brides who have the big day on the books have lots to consider. The cake, the venue, and more are all big decisions. But likely at the top of most brides’ priority lists is the wedding dress.

This is a signature piece for your big day, setting the tone and being featured in your keepsake photos for years to come. So, it stands to reason that you would want the perfect wedding dress to wear for your wedding.

Join us as we discuss the top tips to consider when choosing your wedding dress.

Understand Your Body Size

Just as in everyday fashion, there is no one-size-fits-all. Instead, different dress cuts are ideal for different body shapes. Stylight has a great “what style wedding dress for my body type” explainer. It discusses the different body shapes and has some choice insights:

  • Waistline emphasis for wide hips
  • V-necks for petite frames
  • And much more

By identifying and understanding your body type, you can ensure you’re not making a mistake. After all, an A line vs. a ball gown are going to work well on different builds. Be honest and genuine about your body type, and your dress will fit you like a glove.

Consider More Than One

It’s great to come into a dress shop with an exact, perfect dress in mind. This will help your stylist understand your personality and aesthetic. But having your heart set on just one dress is a recipe for disappointment.

Chances are your boutique might not have that exact dress on hand. But they will have different dresses that incorporate elements of what you liked about the original idea. Plus, by considering more than one dress, you open yourself up to a style you might not have even considered.

Don’t Feel Limited to White

Movies would have us believe that every wedding gown needs to be lacy and white. But this just isn’t true.

In truth, dress styles have been exploding in variety from their traditional heyday in the mid-20th century. Bold patterns, vibrant colors, and unique cuts have all taken form. And white, though still popular, is no longer the only game in town for color.

So, the next time someone asks you if a wedding dress has to be white, you have our permission to give an emphatic“ No!”

Plan to Alter

Chances are, when you first try on a wedding dress, it won’t fit perfectly. That’s where alterations come in.

Any talented tailor will have what it takes to make that dress fit perfectly. The key, though, is to keep in constant communication with your tailor or seamstress throughout the process. If you gain or lose a couple of pounds, they can help get your dress suiting you once again.

You may be worried about how long it takes to get a wedding dress altered. If you are wondering how long wedding dress alterations take, the answer is a few weeks. So leave plenty of time!

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