Spring Wedding Trends in 2021

Spring Wedding Trends in 2021

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Feb 1st 2021

By this point in time, if you are having a spring wedding in 2021, you should be pretty deep into the planning phase. Of course, you may also be procrastinating a bit because of the pandemic. If you still have some small details you need to take care of, then finding inspiration from spring 2021 wedding trends might help you get your wedding plans finalized.

Spring Wedding Trends to Expect in 2021

Many of the wedding trends that you’ll see in 2021 have been influenced by the pandemic of 2020. Some of the things you can expect to see include the following:

Smaller Gatherings

Due to lockdown restrictions and concerns of passing viruses to friends and family, many people are planning to have smaller gatherings when it comes to their spring 2021 nuptials. However, there are some benefits to limiting the guest list.

Smaller gatherings make weddings more affordable and intimate. This means that more can be spent on the details of the gathering, and many couples are embracing this trend. Thanks to technology, it’s possible that even if people can’t be at the celebration in person, they can still watch from afar. This makes the wedding day simpler and more relaxed, which is a trend everyone can get on board with.

Bold Fashions

By reducing the number of guests at the wedding ceremony and celebration, couples have more money to spend in other areas, and some are applying that to their bridal fashions. Brides are expected to go all out in 2021 with their bridal gowns, and this could include wearing overstated ball gowns, dresses with sleeves or layered gowns.

It may also be possible to find brides wearing dresses with crystal embellishments that make them sparkle and shine. Designers dresses may even become more popular in 2021 as brides look for ways to make bold fashion statements on their special day.

A Variety of Colors

In addition to bold fashions, many couples will also be looking into adding a variety of colors into their ceremony. Regarding spring 2021 wedding color trends, you can expect to see hues of blue, green, burgundy, orange, gray and purple, among others.

In some cases, it won’t just be one or two of these colors used. It’s possible to mix and match several of them to create a wedding color palette that is sophisticated but non-traditional. If 2020 taught the world anything, it’s that it’s okay to try something new as the world changes, and many people might do that when it comes to their wedding colors.

Flowers Everywhere

Spring and flowers go together, and one of the spring wedding trends for 2021 is for flowers to be used everywhere. They may even be found in ice cubes, on desserts, added to drinks and tossed into salads. Adding edible flowers to your wedding is a way to use these decorations in a unique and fun way. It can also make the wedding more memorable.

Make a Statement

For your wedding, you want it to make a statement. You want people to have fun and help you celebrate your love and the beginning of your new life, but it should also be memorable. Incorporating some of the 2021 spring wedding trends can help with that endeavor.

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