5 Things to Avoid When Shopping for Mother of the Bride Dresses

5 Things to Avoid When Shopping for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Dec 8th 2023

If you're the Mother of the Bride, you probably have fond memories of shopping for your own wedding dress. Now, years later, your daughter is getting married. You can't wait to choose a gorgeous gown that looks great in the wedding photos.

The problem? You have no idea where to begin! Shopping for your white gown was as easy as stepping into a wedding dress boutique. There is no standard color or style for a Mother of the Bride dress, however.

What does the Mother of the Bride wear?

What if you break a rule, upstage the bride, or clash with the wedding party?

Don't worry! We've created this quick guide to help. We'll share the most important Mother of the Bride dress etiquette tips to keep in mind before you shop. Continue reading to learn five things to avoid when shopping for your second most important wedding dress!

1.Don't Choose Something Overly Matronly

There is a common misconception that the Mother of the Bride should dress in a more matronly or conservative style. While this is always an option at conservative weddings, it is not a requirement! There is no "rule" for Mother of the Bride dresses! We've seen proud moms in cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and even sassy bedazzled jumpsuits!

2.Don't Wear White

There is no general rule about what color the Mother of the Bride must wear at a wedding. The only hard and fast guideline is "Leave white for the bride!" With that said, if your daughter is throwing a white summer wedding on a beach, double-check on that rule!

Likewise, the mother of the bride can wear black in certain instances. Always check with the bride and groom first. Today, it's not uncommon to see black as a wedding color, especially for Fall weddings.

You might also want to find out what color the mother of the groom is wearing. Wedding etiquette states that the Mother of the Bride gets first choice when it comes to choosing a dress color. Still, coordinating makes for better wedding photos!

3.Don't Choose Something Matchy-Matchy

If you're really unsure what the bride's mother should wear, it can be tempting to match the bridesmaids. We recommend avoiding this impulse!

While the mother of the bride can coordinate with the wedding party, there is no need to match. A different color and style of dress tends to add more visual interest in photos. It also ensures you stand out!

4.Don't Commit Without Checking With the Bride

You've found a dress. You've fallen in love. All that's left to do is show up to the wedding, right?

Actually, we advise the Mother of the Bride to check in with the bride herself before making the final decision. She might know something about the color scheme that you don't. Remember, she wants her wedding to look spectacular. She's unlikely to steer you wrong!

5.Don't Skip Alterations

We know it's tempting to shop for something right off the rack. While this works out some of the time, it's usually not ideal. We've never met a dress that didn't sparkle with a few simple alterations.

Once you find your dream dress, bring it to a seamstress and see what they say. A little hemming and tucking can completely transform the fit of a dress!

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