Morilee Bridesmaid Dresses: Something for Every Season

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jul 5th 2018

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, you probably look at the dress color first – but have you thought about the choice in relation to the season? At Dimitra Designs, we want to help you have the most beautiful, memorable wedding day possible. In our selection of bridesmaids gowns, you’ll find designer creations to match every season. In our line of Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses, we know that you’ll find the perfect dress to match your wedding as well as the time of year.For Winter: Winter is all about drama and crispness, so make sure that your brides can capture the spirit of the season with Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses in unique colors or cuts. Winter weddings are usually chilly, so going with longer gowns or sleeved gowns is always a smart choice. As for color, you can play with the icy blues and whites of the season or go for something more cheerful, like a holiday palette. Richer colors are better in winter, so stick with deep hues that add drama. Gathers, floral details, and even fur can add a dramatic element to the gown choices.For Spring: Springtime bridesmaid dresses are all about cheerfulness. Look to choose Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses in pretty pastel colors, like pale blue or blush pink. As for fabrics, springtime bridesmaid dresses should be a bit lighter, so cotton, satin, or chiffon are all wonderful options. To freshen the look, add a funky belt in patent leather or a color to match your wedding palette. Floral patterns are always a great choice too!For Summer: Summertime weddings are all about being laid-back and fun. Tea length Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses are sure to be the perfect fit. Go informal with bridesmaid dresses with pockets or keep things a bit more formal with a strapless gown in a punchy color. Summertime is all about playing with color, so don’t be afraid to go bold. Choose everything from pastels and jewel tones to nautical stripes or polka dots. Summertime is really a very flexible season for bridesmaid dresses.For Fall: Fall is about richness, so go with Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses in a rich color and fabric. Satin, velvet, and tulle are all great fabrics to work with for fall. Fall is also a time to play with both longer or shorter skirt styles. Go for a Mori Lee bridesmaid dress in a playful tea length or choose the more classic long a-line style. Either way – it’ll be beautiful! As for color, go for fall shades that match the best colors of the season. Rust, eggplant, scarlet, burgundy, copper, gold, chocolate, evergreen, and dusty blue are all popular shades to go with.