Mermaid Wedding Dresses to Compliment Your Body Type

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jul 5th 2018

Mermaid wedding dresses can be tough to pull off, especially if you want your wedding gown to suit your unique body type. If you're thinking about wearing this style of dress, it's important to consider the following things about the dress, as well as your body.

1.) Mermaid wedding dresses can tend to be very fitted, so if you're not comfortable with a tight fit into your gown, it's best to move on to something more flowing.

2.) Curvy women with hourglass body shapes tend to work best with mermaid wedding dresses, especially if the bodice is fitted.

3.) If you're pear shaped, or if you have wide hips, it's best to avoid a mermaid style wedding dress, simply because it'll draw attention to this feature. If you're pear shaped, go with something that'll balance things out, like a lovely empire waist gown.

4.) If you are going with a mermaid wedding gown, be sure to choose a style that doesn't have a deep plunging neckline or too much detail on the top half. You want to dress to flow, not to look busy and cluttered.

5.) Want to draw more attention to your tiny waistline? Choose a mermaid wedding dress that features a decorative sash in a contrasting hue, or a waistline that's beaded, gathered, or embellished.

6.) Depending on your unique body type and shape, you may need to have your mermaid wedding gown tailored. A change in the neckline, waist, or skirt may be just the thing you need to make your wedding gown a perfect fit.

7.) If you have a large bust, avoid mermaid wedding dresses with empire waists, as they'll unbalance your shape.

8.) Mermaid wedding dresses should be kept simple and sleek, as their shape adds enough drama. Avoid dresses with excess details, embellishments or accents.

9.) When shopping for mermaid wedding dresses, be sure to check out multiple styles. Mermaid gowns can be very unique and depending on the designer, this style of gown can look like dream come true...or a complete nightmare. Just be sure to shop around!

10.) Finally, when it does come time to shop around, be sure to check out the selection of mermaid wedding dresses at!