Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Spring and Summer Weddings

Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Spring and Summer Weddings

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jul 6th 2019

If you’ve been longing for a return to unapologetic luxury and romance, the trends for 2019 are sure to have you smitten! All signs are pointing toward trends very The Great Gatsby inspired. Decadence, glamour, elegance and impeccable attention to detail are all on the table. And naturally, this trend is carrying over to clothing as well. While waiters will be donning white gloves and serving appetizers on crystal, gold-rimmed trays, the spring bridesmaid dresses and summer bridesmaid dresses are likely to be softly, sweetly peach or pink.

Bridesmaid Dress Colors

The most popular colors for spring and summer span the spectrum quite nicely, offering something special for many tastes. There will be soft sand tones for couples that lean toward neutrals, bright, citrusy oranges for those that crave a pretty punch of color, and spa-like blues and greens for couples that want something more relaxing and calming. All these colors and more are on the forecast for spring and summer, and we’re truly excited about them! But pressed to pick a favorite, we’re obsessed with spring bridesmaid dresses and in light shades of blush, pink and peach. Also a trend for wedding dresses, these colors are endlessly flattering. They bring out the glow in all skin tones, and perfectly capture the spirit of an elegance-driven wedding season. In short, pink and peach are pretty, polished perfection!

Bridesmaid Dress Styles

The fabulous femininity does not stop with the color; the designs are dripping in unstoppable finery as well. Your options are endless when it comes to finding your personal take on elegance, with bountiful beading and a sea of lovely lace dresses to consider. Of course, sometimes it is the simplest of dresses that speaks the loudest; all that shimmers and shines is not always necessary to make a show-stopping statement. Some of our favorite details to consider include pleats, bow details, tea length styles, and off shoulder designs. Think polished, ladylike luxury, and your favorite females are sure to thank you for it!