Bridal Shoes: Which Shoe Matches Your Style Personality?

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jul 5th 2018

It’s Saturday. Where are you and your fiancé going on a date?

  1. Italian and a movie! It’s tradition.
  2. French cuisine then a trip to the opera, theater, or ballet. We appreciate beauty.
  3. Gallery opening, sushi, and maybe a wine tasting. Something sophisticated.
  4. Wherever the night takes us. We’re up for any and all adventures.

If you could honeymoon anywhere in the world, it would be…

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Milan
  4. Hong Kong

Time to sample wedding cakes! Which one would you go for?

  1. Classic vanilla with buttercream. Keep it simple.
  2. Chocolate cake with raspberry filling. So decadent.
  3. Vanilla cake with coconut icing or red velvet. A twist on a classic.
  4. Skip the cake. I’m going with pie or cupcakes or milkshakes. Something different.

What do you look for most in a wedding gown?

  1. A timeless silhouette. I tend to like gowns that are elegant and classic.
  2. Romantic details. I love flowers, lace, and ruffles.
  3. Structure. Smooth fabrics and tailoring are what I notice first.
  4. The statement factor. I want to turn heads and leave an impression.

Which celebrity could be your style sister?

  1. Anne Hathaway
  2. Christina Hendricks
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow
  4. Beyonce

If you answered mostly A’s, then you’re a Classic Bride.

Your favorite looks are simple, crisp, and clean. You appreciate the beauty of cotton and love to keep things traditional. When shopping for the perfect pair, consider these Benjamin Adams bridal shoes to complete your timeless look: the Celine Bridal Shoe, the Liza Heel, the Cruz Designer Shoe, or the Bisset Peep Toe.

If you answered mostly B’s, then you’re a Romantic Bride.

You’re a woman who loves champagne and roses. Soft ruffles in silk, velvet, and chiffon are a dream come true. Now, you can bring your fairytale to life with Benjamin Adams bridal shoes that feature romantic and vintage details, like the Hathaway Heel, the Paltrow Bridal Shoe, the Dita Vintage Heels, or the Claudia Formal Wedding Sandal.

If you answered mostly C’s, then you’re a Modern Bride.

You’re forward thinking and inquisitive. You love trying new things – as long as they’re impeccably tailored. Simple and sleek, that’s your motto. For the modern bride, we recommend the Benjamin Adams GaGa Heel, the Yesmin Bridal Heels, and the Astor Sparkling Crystal Bridal Sandal from our selection of Benjamin Adams bridal shoes.

If you answered mostly D’s, then you’re a Daring Bride.

You’re the type of girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. You’re the life of the party and command the attention of a room. You’re also not afraid to take style risks. Consider the Electra Crystal Bridal Heel, the Bridget Designer Heel, the Scarlet Shoe, or the MiMi Heel from our selection of Benjamin Adams bridal shoes.