7 non-white wedding dresses for the modern bride

7 non-white wedding dresses for the modern bride

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Feb 21st 2022

White weddings are traditional, and most brides do choose white dresses. However, there are alternatives to white dresses for those who want to break the mold a bit - everything from ivory to black. What's more, these dresses are gaining popularity as brides personalize their weddings and choose dresses that really fit their styles. If you're looking for something a bit different, Dimitra Designs has something for you. Here's a look at seven alternative colors to white for the modern bride.

1. Ivory. Ivory is a hue that's been around in wedding dresses for a long time. In fact, you might not be able to immediately tell the difference between white and ivory gowns on the rack. Ivory has a warmer tone to it. It's infused with a bit of yellow, and it often looks better on fair skin tones that can appear washed out against white gowns. Ivory also looks great on medium and dark skin tones, so it's a great choice for most brides and a nice alternative to white.

2. Blush. Blush is quickly becoming a leading color for wedding dresses. Soft, feminine delicate and romantic, blush is a great color to set the ambiance for a wedding. Remember that blush tones vary, so if your skin has warm undertones, choose a yellow- or peach-infused tone. If your skin has cool undertones, go for silver- or gray-based blush.

3. Champagne. Champagne, a white alternative that has a light beige hue and yellow undertones, looks great with most skin tones. Add a bit of champagne hue with embellishment like tulle and beading, or go for a fully champagne-colored fabric. The choice is yours!

4. Light gold. Light gold dresses offer a versatile way to add either a bit of color or a lot. Add a bit of shimmer and luxurious detail with gold crystals and beading, choose something with a soft gold tulle overlay or go all the way with a gold-hued fabric that steals the show.

5. Patterned. Who says a wedding dress can include a bit of floral print? A silk gown with a soft floral pattern is a nice way to add personality to a dress. Floral prints are also great for spring and summer weddings. Getting married in a tropical location? Perhaps a tropical-printed dress fits the bill.

6. Blue. If you're traditional, perhaps your gown could be your "something blue." Opt for a pale blue shade for a spring or summer wedding, or dare to go bold with navy or electric blue.

7. Black. Black is a surprising new color on the market for wedding dresses, and it's gaining popularity. After all, black exudes elegance and sophistication. It's perfect for fall and winter weddings. Remember that you can always choose a gown with black accents, like a black lace bodice, or go for the full effect and choose a completely black fabric.

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