What to Wear to a Wedding as a Male Guest

What to Wear to a Wedding as a Male Guest

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Jun 3rd 2021

As a male guest that has been invited to a friend or family member’s wedding, you may be wondering what to wear. With wedding guest attire for men, you don’t want to be too formal and outshine the groom, but you don’t want to be underdressed either. Finding the right balance is essential.

How Men Should Dress for a Wedding

Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding means having some information. One of the most important things you’ll need to consider when it comes to finding wedding guest outfits for men is the type of wedding you’re attending.

The Wedding’s Theme

You may not have realized before that weddings come in different types, and which one you are invited to will have a direct impact on what you wear. The wedding might be at the beach, in a church or a small affair with few attendees.

If you discover that the wedding will happen outdoors in the middle of August, you are probably wondering what to wear to a summer wedding for men. The last thing you want to put on is a suit that is going to make you sweat. Wearing linen or brushed cotton is acceptable in this situation, and dressing down your look as much as possible is in your best interest.

White- and Black-Tie Events

Should you discover that the wedding is a white-tie event, then it’s important to know that this is the most formal of all wedding types. Even as a guest, you will be required to wear a tuxedo. It should have a white waistcoat, a bow tie and black shoes. You might even want to add white gloves.

A black-tie party is a step down in formality from a white-tie event. You will still need to wear a tuxedo, but it can be more modern. If the wedding occurs in summer, you might need to wear a white dinner jacket. You’ll also need a bow tie and black shoes.

Informal Weddings

Of course, not all weddings are formal. If your friends or family are more laidback, you can wear some casual wedding guest attire for men. This doesn’t mean you should throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a T-shirt, though. There should be some attempt to look put together.

Some weddings don’t require a suit, so you’ll likely be thinking about what to wear to a wedding as a man with no suit to default to. Wearing chinos or dress trousers is a good option, and these should be paired with a button-down shirt. Stay away from tennis shoes and consider wearing a pair of boat shoes or loafers.

How to Dress for a Wedding: Men’s Best Options

Determining the type of wedding you are asked to attend isn’t always easy. If the ceremony is more formal, this should be evident on the invitation. If you aren’t sure, asking is your safest option. This can save you a lot of embarrassment and discomfort.

For most weddings, the best choice for men is a suit. In particular, they should be dark blue, black or charcoal gray. Make sure to include a collared shirt and necktie.

Finding the Right Outfit

When it comes to finding the right outfit as a male guest at a wedding, you want to make the right statement. At Dimitra Designs, we have the formal wear that will make you look good. Check out our selection today!