Reception wedding dress ideas for bride

Reception wedding dress ideas for bride

Aug 29th 2023

Your big day is on the horizon! Naturally, you're excited about all aspects of your wedding day. However, one specific part of that day is extra personal: your wedding dress. Finding the perfect wedding dress that reflects your personality is a thrilling adventure.

Many brides are now considering a second wedding dress for their receptions. There are many reasons for this trend. Perhaps the heavy fabric of a ceremony wedding dress makes dancing a chore. Maybe they want to keep the dress in pristine condition and avoid any mishaps with wedding cake, wine or other stains that may occur at the reception. For over 30 years, Dimitra Designs has helped thousands of brides find their perfect picks. Let's look at some reception wedding dress ideas for brides that will help simplify this once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience.

First Things First: A Flattering Fit

As with the traditional wedding ceremony dress, your body shape is, first and foremost, the number-one factor when choosing a wedding reception dress. Because you'll be looking at the reception photos for many years to come, you'll want to choose a flattering dress. For an hourglass figure, a relaxed fit-and-flare dress would be a great option, allowing you the freedom you need to dance the night away. Pear-shaped brides may opt for A-line dresses; petite brides will look stunning in a high-waisted reception dress that elongates and lengthens. Learn more about choosing the right dress styles based on your body type in this blog post.

Short Wedding Reception Dresses

Many brides opt for short wedding reception dresses. Short dresses feature much less fabric than ceremony dresses that can be voluminous and heavy. This often makes them much a more comfortable choice for a reception, particularly if that reception is likely to continue into the wee hours of the morning. Dancing is easier in a shorter wedding dress style, as is moving about to greet family and friends throughout the venue. There are many stylish options, including short-sleeved dresses, A-line styles and fitted looks. Short dress ideas for the bride can also include a multitude of different fabrics, including tulle, lace or satin.

Red, Black or Other Non-Traditional Colors

A recent trend in wedding reception dresses is to opt for different, non-traditional colors. For some modern brides, the traditional white has been replaced with darker colors, such as red, black or blue. This trend can benefit you, especially when choosing a wedding reception bridal dress. Darker colors can hide food mishaps, makeup smudges and other stains that may occur during a wedding reception. Black dresses can be exceptionally elegant choices. Red is a popular color for wedding receptions because of the color's association with romance, love and passion.

Wedding Reception Dresses with Removable Trains

Although some brides and grooms opt to continue the formal theme of their wedding ceremony into their reception, others prefer to keep the party much more casual. A dress with a removable train can help you go from formal to more casual in an instant! These types of wedding reception dresses are comfortable and fun. There are multiple wedding dress options that have "convertible" designs, including minimalistic and boho.

Wedding Reception Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have made quite a comeback! These highly comfortable clothing styles make great wedding reception "dress" alternatives. They're easy to move in, come in many different shapes and styles and are a highly modern spin. Today, you'll find jumpsuits in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can pick a traditional white jumpsuit with embellishments or a different color that reflects your unique personality.

If you're in the market for a wedding reception dress, there are no hard-and-fast rules. As with all of the details of your wedding, your personality and preferences are front and center.