Before Wedding Gown Shopping: {Please Read}

Before Wedding Gown Shopping: {Please Read}

Posted by Dimitra Designs on Nov 9th 2018

You Said Yes {Now What?}

It is so important that you have realistic expectations when planning your wedding. Knowing what to expect can prevent unwarranted traumatic episodes and/or meltdowns. Let Dimitra Designs help you avoid common mistakes!

Tip Number #1 Leave some mystery about your dress for your guest

Finding your wedding gown is a special event. When going to SAY YES to THE DRESS! It’s best to have only 2-3 people with you. Choose people who are honest but unbiased and your most supportive individuals in your life. This is an intimate moment that you don’t want tainted with too many opinions that may steer you away from choosing your dream gown.

Two many times we have brides who say they felt pressured by members of their #bridetribe and feel they made the wrong decision

Tip Number #2 Choose your style wisely

When in doubt opt out! Don’t get talked into a style you would not wear in your everyday! If strapless shirts makes you self-conscious then a strapless wedding gown will make you feel the same way! Choose a style that is timeless and unique to you but still allows you feel confident on you special day. Your wedding day is not the day to try out a new you!! 

But also keep in mind that you may absolutely hate your dream dress. And that's ok. A skilled stylist will allow you to see the style that you always envision for yourself on your body and if needed they will pull a style that will compliment your personality, desires and shape.  

Tip Number #3  Choose store with a seamstress on site 

Once your dress arrives you want to be sure that the alterations are done by someone who is invested in making sure final result will not only make you happy but will also make the store proud. 

Tip Number #4  Only buy your dress once you have set the date and picked your location!!

Why is this important? Well you want to be sure to decide on a dress that fits your venue and season. Also keep in mind that if your not ordering with with more than 6 month before your wedding you may have to pay a rush shipping fee. 

Be sure to order your dress from inside of a store that you can touch and feel the fabric of the dresses. This will eliminate the risk of being scammed by knockoff dress site that will sell you a gown that will feel and look like you may have gotten the gown from a swap meet. Don't cheat yourself on one of the most important days of your life.


Tip Number #5  Buy/Choose your accessories from the same store you purchased your wedding gown!

 Your consultant will be able to look at your dress and match the perfect lace pattern and headpieces that will compliment your wedding gown and theme!! This is just not possible to do if you go elsewhere! Also if they have seamstress on site {see tip #3} they can custom make your veil with the same fabric as your dress if you like. 

Tip Number #6  Never make decision on an empty stomach!

Make sure you eat before your wedding gown appt. You don't want to get emotional for all the wrong reasons. Let's face it you can not be trusted to make a confident choice when you are hungry. 

 Tip Number #7 Come as you are but be prepared to look your best.  

We all have dreams and aspiration to lose that extra weight we have been persecuting ourselves about since the day the ring was placed on our fingers. However, it is better to order your dress according to your actual measurement on the day you are placing your order. If you lose more weight by the time your dress get here then great. A skilled seamstress {again see tip #3} will be able to altered the dress to fit your new shape. 

Be sure to bring the bra and shoes that you are going to wear on the day of your wedding with you to your first fitting. You want to get that bodice perfect for your big day.